XXposed Afterhours - IML

By ACE! (other events)

Monday, May 30 2022 7:00 AM 1:00 PM CST

XXposed IML continues its Monday morning holiday tradition, this time taking place on Memorial Day which just so happens to coincide with Chicago's infamous International Mister Leather weekend!  The event brand name comes from the concept that at this afterhours, “Xxposed” are the bones and foundation of any dance music and night club party or event...the sound and lights. Between the state of the art lighting fixtures and the superior grade speakers and subwoofers, both a part of a custom installation for this event, Xxposed Afterhours becomes a party where the central elements and celebratory focus is the music itself and the experience one has with it on the dance floor.  But expect double the trouble for this years line up! 

This XXposed will have Djs Deanne and Alex Cabot playing back to back for the entire event!.  Having first played back to back in 2018 at Chicago Pride, mentor and mentee joined forces at the Evil Olive playing back2back for several hours, leaving everyone in drenched in sweat and begging for more!  Recognizing the potential to create some more magic, big sister dj and her little bro decided to join forces once again to bring some dark and dirty drum beats, suggestive vocals, and a sexy energetic groove that will get you keep you dancing well into the afternoon!


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